Modern Rock is giving you the chance to win a prize worth up to $1,000! Each qualifier will knock out one prize they don't want to win and the final prize will be given away to one lucky qualifier at Ogden Tap Room May 19th from 4 pm- 6pm!



Golf Clubs



Pizza Oven



Diamond Earrings



Outdoor Grill



Mountain Bike



A Perfect Fitting Suit



Leather Luggage



Luxury Watch






Adult Space Academy



Wine Lovers Boot Camp



Apple MacBook Air



Nikon Camera



Powder Room Upgrade



Car Makeover



$1000 Donation To Charity Of Your Choice



1 Year Emergency Food Kit



Las Vegas!






Romantic Weekend



Custom Classic Large Family Etch A Sketch Art Portrait



Lord of the Rings Chess set



235 Starbucks Lattes






Roadster De Cartier Pen



Super Old Scotch






$1000 In Gas Cards



Gold Chain



Cat Hammock Activity Center






Wine Club For A Year



Spa Day



New Mattress



Portable Generator



Cigars And Humidor



Tattoo Sleeve



Myrtle Beach Golf Trip



Asheville Weekend



Pizza For A Year



Fishing Gear



Rare Jordans



Parking Downtown



$1000 Worth of Bath Bombs






Video Game Bundle



Private Viewing Of The Next Star Wars Movie



8 Years’ Worth Of Hotdogs



Go Kart



Myrtle Beach Mini-Golf Weekend



Weekend In Miami



Charleston Trip



Outlet Shopping Trip






Studio Recording Time



Karate Lessons



Popcorn And Cotton Candy Machines



Arcade Cabinet



Boat Rental



Bun Toaster



Gourmet PB&J Of The Month Club



Party Bus Rental



$1000 In Grocery Cards



Dirt Bike



Deluxe Replica WWE Title



Charlotte Motor Speedway Racing Experience



Netflix For 5 Years









Golf Cart






Faux Wolf Fur Bedspread



Remote Control Cars



Nugget Ice Machine



Custom Bobbleheads



Bluetooth Headphones



Smart Glasses



Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet



Lawn Mower



Pair Of Gold Season Passes To Carowinds With Fast Passes



Personal Assistant For A Year



Pet Spa/Kennel Services



Vinyl Collection



Home Audio



Lawn Care Services



250 Gallons Of Sweet Tea



Margarita Supplies



$1,000 Worth Of Uber Rides




Ric Flair Video Shout-out



Inflatable Portable Hot Tub



Outdoor Furniture



Outdoor Basketball Court



Hog Roast



One Year Of Loot Crates



Gator Shoes



Home Security System



A Shed



Psychic Readings






100 of Guy Fieri’s hairs named after you from



Can't get through to qualifiy on air?! ENTER HERE for your chance to qualify online!


Ogden Tap Room



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