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Worst Week EVER: Chris Hanson owes $57,931.72 to American Express, $126,356.35 to TD Bank, over $15,000 to Ally Financial and $1,078,164.73 to US Bank Trust and He’s getting a DIVORCE, Talk about a bad week…More HERE

Ronda Rousey is now in a video game!!!!


LovelyTheBand Tour Dates

Twerking on the Highway


That feeling you get when you’re dispatched to break up a brawl at a sex party and you discover your wife is one of those involved….More HERE

Let’s play a little game of “who wrote it”: Edgar Allan Poe or an emo band?….More HERE


Spiderman – Far From Home: Teaser Trailer


Dave Grohl chugs, Dave Grohl falls



When VR goes VeRy wrong…watch till the end


Wanna see 8 people parachute into a swamp???


This will be the last time he ever tries something like this again




There’s a new Girl Scout Cookie coming out


Fight over a straw


First it was there own box of cereal, now, it’s there own clothing line!



He looks WAY older than 19



I’m not the biggest fan of Horror Movies but I might have to check this out


Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap


Fran Belibi is my new favorite basketball player. She threw down this crazy slam dunk in a high school girls basketball game.


Everything that is LEAVING Netflix in January….More HERE

Everything that is COMING to Netflix in January…More HERE

10 of the worst things on the Internet for 2018….More HERE

In some parts of the world, an angel can signify death and clapping hands imply sexual intercourse….More HERE

Last Christmas…The Rock Version

Marshmello and Bastille perform “Happier” on Ellen


This song will never sell or be a single….Guess What??? More HERE

Jon Jones cleared to fight at UFC 232…..More HERE

He said go VIRAL and one of them actually did


The most Awkward Typo EVER….More HERE

18 Christmas Facts That You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Know….More HERE

That time the cops were called…..More HERE

“YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” has racked up more than 7.6 million dislikes, making it the streaming platform’s second-most disliked clip ever behind Justin Bieber’s video for “Baby” (9.7 million dislikes).


A Colorado woman was sent back to jail just minutes after she was released. Before leaving Jefferson County Jail, Jessica Leger used the bathroom in the facility’s lobby. While in the restroom, she told officers that she was suffering from a psychotic episode and locked herself inside.

Leger yelled “get me out of here” while deputies attempted to unlock the door. She asked them to call members of her family and claimed that they had released another woman who had threatened to kill her.

After the police were unable to open the door, Leger decided to find her own way out. She managed to remove the paper towel dispenser from the wall and was able to climb up into the ceiling and started crawling toward the exit. The ceiling tiles could not support her weight and she fell through the ceiling, landing in the lobby. She was quickly apprehended by police and taken back into custody.

Officials said that she caused around $400 worth of damage during her escape attempt. She was charged with criminal mischief and spent two more nights in jail before being released on a personal recognizance bond.


It’s Santa vs. Santa vs. Santa vs. Santasssss




Dolphins beat Patriots on last-second lateral fiesta, touchdown

Patrick Mahomes slings no-look pass, upends entire game of football


Did you know that Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age just released a Christmas song????

We now have our first OFFICIAL Bacon Vending Machine



2018 Grammy Nominations…More HERE

GoT Official Teaser Trailer

Nuff Said! Avengers: Endgame trailer has dropped

PETA just sparked a new Meme



Burger King is offering up a 1 cent whopper but you have to go to McDonalds to get it…..http://bit.ly/2rmqQqf

The Struts – Body Talks (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

MTV is set to reboot Celebrity Deathmatch


“So Jericho gives him a spear and he’s pounding on him from the mounted position”….More HERE


In my opinion, there are TOO MANY BOWL GAMES

Captain Marvel Trailer




Nope, Nope, and Nope


One of Linkin Park’s first show’s EVER

This is why you should always check to see if you’re allergic to Hair Dye

If you thought the Australian cow was big, Check this one out

That one time your pilot forgets to attach you to the Hang Glider!!!!

The Grinch + Metal = AWESOME!!!

Quote of the Day: ‘Due to the unfortunate reality of our guitarist smashing my girlfriend of almost 7 years WITCHROT will be taking an extended hiatus….More HERE



Man stabs woman because she A: Tried to kill him, B: Threatened to turn him in for drugs. or C: undercooked his potato?…More HERE

Watch: Border agent’s gender-reveal explosion is the moment a massive Arizona wildfire started.. More HERE


I think they just stole the Mars Landing(Go to the 17 second mark)


Christmas Carols with Paramore




She sang Weezer’s “Island in the Sun,” while undergoing BRAIN SURGERY

Blink One Eighty Two or Blink One Eight Two???



This might be the location of the first Thanksgiving in America….More HERE

Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer

Being on hold with the state of Alaska is about to sound a whole lot better.


Chris Cornell’s Son Plays Late Father in Poetic ‘When Bad Does Good’ Video

Wait for it...More HERE

Robot Bottle Flipping
































































































Muse – Pressure

From Fark.com: Today in answers to questions you never thought to ask: Are deaf people aware that farts can be heard by other people? This teacher had to educate some of her students….More HERE

Who profits from School Lunches??More HERE


The Struts FunkO’s Cereal??? CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS




Dave Grohl serves BBQ to firefighters battling the devastating Southern California blazes….



#UNAMEITCHALLENGE … This is the song Slack tried to play this Morning


Stan Lee: 15 Facts You Should Know…..https://bzfd.it/2OGcnP1



How ONE YEAR can change your life : Billie Eilish

“I’m kinda jealous of Billie a year ago,” she confessed. “I’m really not about to f**king pity myself for people recognizing who I am — I’m really grateful for it — but I would like to go to, I don’t know, anywhere, and not be always recognized.” Watch the full interview below


This is how you get BLACKLISTED….More HERE



Linkin Park’s “Numb” is now part of the three comma club. The music video recently surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube.

Hover Bike Police Force

Pete Davidson and Dan Crenshaw on SNL

A Flat Earth reality TV show? Might just happen…..More HERE


Several businesses are honoring veterans, active duty military and their families with deals and freebies for Veterans Day. MORE HERE

69 yr. old Emile Ratelband wants to drop his age by 20 years to 49, so he would be more attractive to younger women on Tinder


The Daily Must-See

The story behind Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’

Videos of the Day

He just scaled a building while singing High Hopes

He was really ALL into that text! Guy doesn’t realize the bar is being robbed

Weird News

11 Year-Old Boy Leads Cops On High Speed Chase: LiveLeak claims an 11 year-old Cleveland, Ohio boy recently led cops on a high-speed chase for the second time in 13 months. The boy took his mother’s Dodge Durango after she took away his Sony PlayStation. She had no idea he had taken her SUV until his father called and said he saw him driving along a busy street. The boy was taken into custody after he crashed.


Little Kid kills this Queen cover

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