Middays with Jack Spade


This might be the location of the first Thanksgiving in America….More HERE

Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer

Being on hold with the state of Alaska is about to sound a whole lot better.


Chris Cornell’s Son Plays Late Father in Poetic ‘When Bad Does Good’ Video

Wait for it...More HERE

Robot Bottle Flipping







Muse – Pressure

From Fark.com: Today in answers to questions you never thought to ask: Are deaf people aware that farts can be heard by other people? This teacher had to educate some of her students….More HERE

Who profits from School Lunches??More HERE


The Struts FunkO’s Cereal??? CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS




Dave Grohl serves BBQ to firefighters battling the devastating Southern California blazes….


This is GROSS!!! but on a side note, I wonder how much I could get for my socks


#UNAMEITCHALLENGE … This is the song Slack tried to play this Morning


Stan Lee: 15 Facts You Should Know…..https://bzfd.it/2OGcnP1



How ONE YEAR can change your life : Billie Eilish

“I’m kinda jealous of Billie a year ago,” she confessed. “I’m really not about to f**king pity myself for people recognizing who I am — I’m really grateful for it — but I would like to go to, I don’t know, anywhere, and not be always recognized.” Watch the full interview below


This is how you get BLACKLISTED….More HERE



Linkin Park’s “Numb” is now part of the three comma club. The music video recently surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube.

Hover Bike Police Force

Pete Davidson and Dan Crenshaw on SNL

A Flat Earth reality TV show? Might just happen…..More HERE


Several businesses are honoring veterans, active duty military and their families with deals and freebies for Veterans Day. MORE HERE

69 yr. old Emile Ratelband wants to drop his age by 20 years to 49, so he would be more attractive to younger women on Tinder


The Daily Must-See

The story behind Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’

Pantless Man falls through the ceiling of a Waffle House: Warning, the below Facebook video contains cursing. NSFW

Videos of the Day

He just scaled a building while singing High Hopes

He was really ALL into that text! Guy doesn’t realize the bar is being robbed

2018 Miss BumBum championships ended in a FIGHT….More HERE

Weird News

11 Year-Old Boy Leads Cops On High Speed Chase: LiveLeak claims an 11 year-old Cleveland, Ohio boy recently led cops on a high-speed chase for the second time in 13 months. The boy took his mother’s Dodge Durango after she took away his Sony PlayStation. She had no idea he had taken her SUV until his father called and said he saw him driving along a busy street. The boy was taken into custody after he crashed.


Little Kid kills this Queen cover

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