Middays with Jack Spade


Kristine, who works in our sales department, Her daughter Skylar is in this video! Fast forward to the 1:25 mark….She’s the girl in the brown costume coming up from the floor


Fastest time to eat a burrito! – Guinness World Records


Whats for Dinner? A side of racism and steak!!!

A high school basketball team manager hit the best buzzer beater EVER

New guy at gas station stole $17,183 worth of stuff

Florida Man arrested for a ‘Bag full of drugs’

Chipotle hack where you can get a meal for under 4 dollars

@llamassc$3.95 meal #college #chipotle #busteddream #fyp #food♬ original sound - llamassc


This is how much a Beer costs...

Their Super Bowl party was RUINED

Post Malone outtakes.

Lingerie-clad barista foils robbery at Colorado coffee stand

20 Insane Facts You Don't Know About Celebrities


The 10 Best Football Movies Ever, Ranked...More HERE

British Dad pranked by wife and son-in-law finds his new swimsuit dissolves in WATER


Which one do you pick? Post Malone shares 2 Bud Light commercials to play at the Super Bowl

If you combine Twix, Skittles and Beer, What do you get??

We compared 5 of the most popular cheap beers in a blind taste test. While most of them tasted like water, there was a clear winner

71 Super Bowl appetizers to try this Sunday

[VIDEO] You buy something for 345.97 but find out it's worth 500,000 to 700,000 thousand, what would you do?


Dude got a Kobe Bryant jersey tattoo on his back!!!

These 7 sneaky expenses are destroying your monthly budget....More HERE

The BOLDEST GUY EVER : Man lights up a joint in front of a judge

Why Do Husbands Take So Long To Poop?....More HERE

The most popular Super Bowl snack in each state


Rivers Como is getting his own FunkO Pop figurine


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2020 London Toy Fair Reveals: Weezer! @weezer #weezer @manheadmerch #manheadmerch #FunkoLTF #Funko #ToyFair

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Billie just directed her own video for 'Everything I Wanted'

Buffalo Chicken Jalapeño Poppers

When HR Email Backfires!!


Pearl Jam - Dance of the Clairvoyants


That moment when.....I'm wondering what is going on, Did he get caught with his side chick....Did he call out from work to go to the game?.. The possibilities are endless..


Fall Out Boy on Price is Right....More HERE


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Today we're rockin with @patrickstump and @petewentz from @falloutboy. Comment an emoji to show us your excitement!

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Teal Lake Meltdown is on and POPPIN!!!

When is the last time you've been to a Library?? You might want to go to this one

What weighs a 4,728 lb and has 3,500 pounds of chocolate and 1,300 pounds of caramel???


Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots

What your kissing style can reveal about your relationship


Weird, Creepy and a little Disturbing all in one video

The 1975 are coming to Charlotte!!!

Here's their new song as well


Here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Dave Grohl


MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer


Georgia police are looking for a man, who broke into a Taco Bell, prepared a meal, and then took a nap on the kitchen floor.


A New Jersey woman is lucky to be alive after spending three days trapped inside of a clothing donation bin.


Most popular reality TV show in NC


Neighbor calls cops on a.... BIRD, but it wasn't their fault

Wasn't this a Kevin Hart movie???

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